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Bell Bitch located in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Calling all bell babes and bell beasts! Welcome to Bell Bitch – the ultimate kettlebell workout in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.  We call our women Bell Babes and our men are Bell Beasts. Collectively we make the kettlebell our bitch!

A kettlebell’s unique shape gives us the flexibility to transition from one exercise to the next without actually putting it down giving our bodies the ultimate workout. The kettlebell gives all the benefits of dumbbell training in addition to other benefits due to its versatile shape that produce great body results. The thick dense handle of the kettlebell challenges your grip and the position of the weight works the core of the body to achieve the abs you always wanted, while burning fat fast.

Kettlebells work great for traditional exercises or can be used for a completely new training regimen. The result of this is a much better metabolic burn and more muscle in significantly less time compared to other workouts.  Make sure to look your best while lifting a kettlebell by shopping in our store for the latest Bell Bitch apparel, accessories, and jewelry.

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